Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do listen!!!!!!!


I've been living with a shadow overhead 
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed 
I've been lonely for so long 
Trapped in the past 
I just can't seem to move on 

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away 
Just in case I ever need them again someday 
I've been setting aside time 
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind 

All I want to do is find a way back into love 
I can't make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh 

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine 
I've been searching but i just don't see the signs 
I know that it's out there 
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere 

I've been looking for someone to shed some light 
Not somebody just to get me through the night 
I could use some direction 
And I'm open to your suggestions 

All I want to do is find a way back into love 
I can't make it through without a way back into love 
And if I open my heart again 
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end 

Oh oh oh

There are moments when I don't know if it's real 
Or if anybody feels the way I feel 
I need inspiration 
Not just another negotiation 

All I want to do is find a way back into love 
I can't make it through without a way back into love 
And if I open my heart to you 
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do 
And if you help me to start again 
You know that I'll be there for you in the end

Oh oh oh

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google Gives Windows Users A Gmail Gadget For The Desktop

If you're a user of the Google Desktop product on the Windows platform, Google has good news for you. It's finally added a Gmail gadget for the Desktop sidebar. Now you can see incoming e-mail without opening up Gmail in your browser.

I find Google Desktop to be very useful in Windows. The fact that a Gmail gadget hasn't been available before now has been rather baffling. Thank goodness Google finally listened to the pleas of the masses and added one.

Google says, "You'll see that it covers the basics such as reading, searching, and sending messages. You can star messages, use the same keyboard shortcuts, and we didn't forget about contact auto-complete. It doesn't take up much space in your sidebar or desktop, and you can also resize it to show as few or as many messages as you'd like."

Right now the Gmail gadget currently works with the latest release of Google Desktop for Windows. Support for Macs and Linux isn't available yet. I haven't have a chance to download it yet, but Google is excited that people check it out and provide some feedback.

Along the stranded pavement i walk,
Holding nothing, leaving nothing,
I want no one behind me
But i want You in front
To lead me ,to steer me,
And to support me when
I tread upon a stone.

I wonder why the path is like this,
Easy for someone ,tricky for some:
Easy or tricky doesn't matter
As long as You are with me.

As i sense little drops of water falling
And sinking to my robes,
I perceive a thousand falling
Each rushing to meet the ground first.
Its that which amazes me,
The preciseness by which they drop
Whatever may be the hinderance,
I am happy as long as You give me that.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

22 NOVEMBER 2008

Today is a saturday and i have nothing to do other than surfing the web.Its been a while since i hav added a new post on my i thought its time to add one.:).I downloaded a lot of songs today....
I have been pondering a while about improving my literary skills since i lost touch with it way back.I like reading more than writing.Ebooks are really popular nowadays right? but i like to read normal books.Because the scent of a newly bought book,the satisfaction u get while flickering through its pages...these are some things that u cannot get while reading an ebook.While reading an ebook chances are there that u get more prone to backpain,headache..but on the otherhand ebooks are more easier to get.:)

some songs worth listening...

These r some new songs which i found worth listening..

1.nenjukkul peidhidum(vaaranam ayiram)-Sung by hariharan,devan,prasanna.Really nice song.

2.mundhinam(varanam ayiram)-Sung by naresh iyer,prasanthini,catchy tune...

3.ghuzarish(ghajini)-Sung by javed ali.This sung has already caught attention even before the                                           film's music release

4.kuchh khaas(fashion)-Sung by mohith chauhan & neha bhasin

5.tu meri dosth(yuvvraj)-Sung by benny,sreya ghosal.Magical touch by A.R.RAHMAn

6.kangal irandal(subramanyapuram)-Sung by belly raj,deepa pick for 2008..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Very Important Please read ..... 


We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its
memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers
belong to our closest family or friends.

If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people
attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to
call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the
contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this "ICE" (In Case of
Emergency) Campaign

The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact
during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the
majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of
a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency
under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency).

The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to
the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with
patients, but they didn't know which number to call. He therefore
thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally
recognized name for this purpose. In an emergency situation, Emergency
Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact
the right person by simply dialing the number you have stored as

For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc. A
great idea that will make a difference!

Let's spread the concept of ICE by storing an ICE number in ourMobile
phones today!

Please forward this. It won't take too many "forwards" before
everybody will know about this It really could save your life, or put
a loved one's mind at rest .

ICE will speak for you when you are not able to..............

Monday, June 9, 2008



A true friend never walks away
A true will always stay
A true friend looks out for you

A true friend will guard your secrets
Like a precious gift
A true friend is there for you
To give you a helpful lift

A true friend tries to make you smile
Tries to replace that frown
They may not always succeed
But they rarely let you down

These arms for you are open
This heart for you does care
And when I think you need me
I'll try to always be there

I'll listen to your fears
I promise not to laugh
Comfort your falling tears
I'll make this friendship last

I'll keep you near to my heart
I'll always hold you dear
Even when we're miles apart
Even when you're here

I hope I am to you
Everything you are to me
For the friendship we have
Is a special one indeed.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Major Places in Trivandrum

Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala.The city abodes several Central and State Government institutions.It also boasts of several prominent educational institutions,science and technology institutions.

Some glimpses of Trivandrum City

A view from the sky

Kowdiar Road

Vellayani Lake

A busy Pattom road

Niyamasabha Mandiram

Vellayambalam Road

PadmanabhaSwamy Temple

Kovalam Beach


Well...i dunno what 2 give a blog name...actually i wanted to share some happy moments of my life in trivandrum....
I spent 16 years in trivandrum .........having spent such a long time i have seen a lot of changes here........both good and was really tough to leave that place and to start living in another place...
when i hear the name trivandrum ...the first thing that comes to my mind are the beautiful streets...[not all of them..]..but some really are...with shady trees planted on either side...they look really beautiful when its raining....but now with the busy traffic and all..its not the same....
I remember very well..the first days in the school.I along with my friends and an ayah went to the school walking. Ayah used to carry our bags while we walked.It seemed to be a long journey at that time.We left for school around 8:30and reached there almost in time.the teachers used to arrange students in the benches in a peculiar manner;one boy,one girl like that.Some of the boys were really pests.They used to make fun of the evening before going to home we used to play for sometime in the school premises. those were really great moments...but didn't realize at that time...all that we cared at that time was about the simple worries and silly things about spending time in day i really faked fever to sit at home...but that didn't work....and at the end of the year i got chicken pox....actually i was pretty excited to get that...i was sad because everybody in our family got except day i noticed some small spots in my hand...i was really happy! at last i got it....but later i realized that i was wrong...i had to spend my entire day on bed eating food without salt.Icould not go out and play. That was really boring .......but i was relieved when i heard that i got promoted to the next class without writing the exams!!!!!!!!!!
The school days were really fun...i used to participate in some dance programs there..not that I'm good at dancing..but the teachers used to force us into participating....but i left that school in 4th,there was no U.P section there....
I joined one of the famous girls' schools there..i was not tensed to join there because i had my best friend with me.....but unfortunately both of us were put to separate i had to find some new friends in my class...everybody seemed to know each was really tough to find friends.... but i somehow managed to make everyone there,my friends.