Saturday, November 22, 2008

22 NOVEMBER 2008

Today is a saturday and i have nothing to do other than surfing the web.Its been a while since i hav added a new post on my i thought its time to add one.:).I downloaded a lot of songs today....
I have been pondering a while about improving my literary skills since i lost touch with it way back.I like reading more than writing.Ebooks are really popular nowadays right? but i like to read normal books.Because the scent of a newly bought book,the satisfaction u get while flickering through its pages...these are some things that u cannot get while reading an ebook.While reading an ebook chances are there that u get more prone to backpain,headache..but on the otherhand ebooks are more easier to get.:)

some songs worth listening...

These r some new songs which i found worth listening..

1.nenjukkul peidhidum(vaaranam ayiram)-Sung by hariharan,devan,prasanna.Really nice song.

2.mundhinam(varanam ayiram)-Sung by naresh iyer,prasanthini,catchy tune...

3.ghuzarish(ghajini)-Sung by javed ali.This sung has already caught attention even before the                                           film's music release

4.kuchh khaas(fashion)-Sung by mohith chauhan & neha bhasin

5.tu meri dosth(yuvvraj)-Sung by benny,sreya ghosal.Magical touch by A.R.RAHMAn

6.kangal irandal(subramanyapuram)-Sung by belly raj,deepa pick for 2008..