Thursday, May 14, 2009


most of us know what it means right???
FIP-Fake IPL Player.The one with a good humour sense,sharp tongue.
All of those who follow the IPL closely accept one thing.this is not at all that exciting as last year's.but FIP surely has added an extra flavour to this excitement even though its less.KKr-the most glamourous team but the sloppiest [:d].many people believe that its someone from the KKr camp itself.but i dont think so coz this guy has good literary skills,knows hindi and it cant be a foreigner.then of the indians in that camp nobody wont even dare to do that coz its easy to find our guy from a group of 13 or so it must be someone outside with a help from inside.
well,its good to read especially the way he pokes fun at others.sreesanth cannot be potrayed much better than this and so do the coaches,dada etc..
to those people who havn't read it till now ..GO & READ IT.its hilarious.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A strange dream...........

Ahh.This is just another day.I love vacations.U know what.??One can have as much as sleep they want during hols.Iwoke around 9 legs were aching and then i thought about the strange dream last night.
The place is my home itself.It was night and i was going to sleep.My cell rang.It was my friend .grrrr.......... the stupid range.I cant even hear a thing properly.Sooon i found myself out of my house toddling for range.I kept on  walking saying hello hello...I finished talking with my friend and suddenly, i realised im far away from home.An idea just popped in my head.i want to know what it feels like having a midnight stroll alone.It was a place with a lot of trees and all.In reality i wont even take a chance to walk like that in night.but its a dream and i can do whatever i want.I was enjoying myself.
Then suddenly i heard a strange noise.Oohh my god i somehow managed to enter that forbidden forest!!!!!!!!! I dont know my way back.i have a gut feeling that something will just pop out from thin air and scare me.
I saw a big tree near which there was a lot of grass.I decided to sit there till dawn and wait for somebody to come tom my rescue.I sat there thinking of different possibilities of how would i end up facing a ghost.To steer my mind away from such thoughts,i took my cell and scanned through it.Suddenly i heard someone coming.I was confused about who is coming and was it safe to tell him to get me to my home back.I saw his face through moonlight
He looked old and had a sack in his shoulder.I thought it was not a good idea to approach him. so i just sat there silenltly.He looked like he was searching something.Suddenly my cell rang.oh my god!!! He heard it and looked in my direction.I didnt know what to do.He was smiling at me.i thought of running away from there.But my legs wont even move.I just stood there frozen.He was approaching me.
Out of nowhere i got some energy and i ran.
i ran and ran and ran....
haaa..i can see my home now.thank god.i somehow got into my home and dived into my bed.shut my eyes tight.when i woke up next morning i felt like this has happened for real coz my legs were aching.i searched for my cell to check whether my friend called last night.i didn see it in the usual place.i searched for it everywhere.under the bed,sheets,table.i couldnt find it.i thought of going to the forest.i dressed up and went there.i found the same tree i saw in my dream and there it was...MY CELL..lying there in the grass...