Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tourist Places in Trivandrum - Beaches/Lakes/Waterfalls/Dams

One of my colleagues inquired me about the places to visit in Trivandrum.I found myself thinking for a while.Being in Trivandrum for more than 20 years,I used to visit only certain usual places like Shangumukham,Museum,Zoo,Kanakakunnu etc.At that moment I have decided I will ponder something about this so that next time somebody asks me tourist spots in Trivandrum I can come up with a variety of places.And that is the motivational factor behind this post :)

So let me present you some interesting places as well as some already famous places to visit once you are in Trivandrum categorically.We will start with some of the finest beaches/lakes/waterfalls/dams in this post
  1. Kovalam Beach
    • 16 km from Trivandrum City
    • 3 beaches Lighthouse,Hawah,Samudra seperated by rocks
    • Resorts,Shopping area,Yoga.
  2. Shankumukham Beach
    • 8Km from Trivandrum City
    • Near to Trivandrum International Airport
    • Skating school,indoor sports complex
    • "Jalakanyaka" sculpture By Kanayi Kunjiraman
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Traffic Park for Children
  3. Azhimala Beach
    • A quiet beach around 20 km from City
    • Speciality : Ayurvedic Resorts
  4. Meenmutti and Kombaikani water falls
    • 45 Km and 47 Km from Trivandrum city respectively
    • Located near to Neyyar resorvoir
    • No transportation towards waterfall after reaching there
    • Only Trekking 
    • Kombaikani: 2 km upstream of Meenmutti 
  5. Neyyar Dam
    • 29Km from Trivandrum City
    • Boating,Mountainerring facilities
    • Lion Safari Park,Crocodile Rearing Centre
  6. Aruvikkara Dam
    • 16 Km from Trivandrum Central
    • This resorvoir supplies water to Trivandrum City
  7. Veli Lake
    • 11 Km from Trivandrum city
    • Tourist village,Boat club etc
  8. Akkulam Lake :
    •  10 Km from Trivandrum City Central
    • Picnic and Backwater destination
  9. Varkala Beach
    • Pilgrim centre situated 41km from Trivandrum city
    • Cliffs,mineral water springs at Papanasham beach are tourist attractions 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple's Healthkit

Apple has launched iPhone 6, which includes a new Health app and associated tool for developers called HealthKit. This app monitors everything from the user’s heart rate to his or her chronic conditions.HealthKit measures not just the user’s health but illnesses as well. The healthcare giant Mayo Clinic has become a HealthKit partner.

  • When a patient takes a blood pressure reading, HealthKit automatically notifies their app which will automatically check whether that reading is within the user's personalized healthcare parameters threshold. 
  • If the reading crossed the threshold, this app can contact the hospital proactively, notify a doctor, and that doctor can reach out the patient, providing immediate care.
  • Healthkit coordinates with other health and fitness app and makes them possible for them to work towards your good health.
  • It is also integrated into the new Apple Watch.
  • The watch can collect basic information like pulse and steps taken and share it with Healthkit.

Monday, February 14, 2011

An accident

Today it was the start of the semester. I was running to the bus stop. By the time I reached there the bus had almost gone. But the driver saw me and stopped the bus.

I reached college and started climbing those long stairs to my class. Its on the 3rd floor. By the time one survives those long steps he will be almost exhausted. At last I reached class and had my breakfast.

As usual the semester started with long boring advises from teachers which we happily ignored. 

After 1st  hour I got bored and started doodling in my note. I was busy doodling that I didn't notice the teacher looking at me. My friend kicked me so I fixed my glance to the teacher's face and gave her an impression that I was listening. The rest of the day went smoothly .

At 4:10 the bell rang and classes were suspended for the day. 

Now , if run fast I'll get the 4:15 bus or else I have to wait for the 4:45 bus. But I was too lazy to run,  let alone walk.  So I told my friends that we would go by 4:45 bus.

We waited till 4:45 and got that bus. On the way I saw a bus with its front side almost damaged. And when I looked I saw it was the 4:15 bus and many of my college friends went by that bus.I was really worried for them. But luckily no one had major injuries. 

My laziness saved me from an accident. :)