Monday, February 14, 2011

An accident

Today it was the start of the semester. I was running to the bus stop. By the time I reached there the bus had almost gone. But the driver saw me and stopped the bus.

I reached college and started climbing those long stairs to my class. Its on the 3rd floor. By the time one survives those long steps he will be almost exhausted. At last I reached class and had my breakfast.

As usual the semester started with long boring advises from teachers which we happily ignored. 

After 1st  hour I got bored and started doodling in my note. I was busy doodling that I didn't notice the teacher looking at me. My friend kicked me so I fixed my glance to the teacher's face and gave her an impression that I was listening. The rest of the day went smoothly .

At 4:10 the bell rang and classes were suspended for the day. 

Now , if run fast I'll get the 4:15 bus or else I have to wait for the 4:45 bus. But I was too lazy to run,  let alone walk.  So I told my friends that we would go by 4:45 bus.

We waited till 4:45 and got that bus. On the way I saw a bus with its front side almost damaged. And when I looked I saw it was the 4:15 bus and many of my college friends went by that bus.I was really worried for them. But luckily no one had major injuries. 

My laziness saved me from an accident. :)

A Random Day

"OMG..its 7:30...why didn't i wake up early. Now i have got only 20 minutes left to get ready!".  

I checked my mobile to see whether my alarm worked. It worked perfectly. Its me that didn't work properly!.

I sprang from the bed, ran to bathroom, somehow finished my basic needs and got dressed. My mom had made breakfast and lunch and packed them .I stuffed them in my bag and left the home five minutes to eight. I was actually running to bus stop. My neighbor's dog barked at the sight of me everyday. I didn't like that dog.
 Once i was returning from my college. Somebody had left my neighbor's gate wide open. This dog jumped in front of me out of nowhere. I was taken aback .I didn't know what to do. I called out its name sweetly.

But it was in no mood to hear my sweet talk. I thought i was dead. But then my neighbor came and dragged that dog to his house. I had the shock of my life that day. Since that incident i got scared of dogs