Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple's Healthkit

Apple has launched iPhone 6, which includes a new Health app and associated tool for developers called HealthKit. This app monitors everything from the user’s heart rate to his or her chronic conditions.HealthKit measures not just the user’s health but illnesses as well. The healthcare giant Mayo Clinic has become a HealthKit partner.

  • When a patient takes a blood pressure reading, HealthKit automatically notifies their app which will automatically check whether that reading is within the user's personalized healthcare parameters threshold. 
  • If the reading crossed the threshold, this app can contact the hospital proactively, notify a doctor, and that doctor can reach out the patient, providing immediate care.
  • Healthkit coordinates with other health and fitness app and makes them possible for them to work towards your good health.
  • It is also integrated into the new Apple Watch.
  • The watch can collect basic information like pulse and steps taken and share it with Healthkit.

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