Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tourist Places in Trivandrum - Beaches/Lakes/Waterfalls/Dams

One of my colleagues inquired me about the places to visit in Trivandrum.I found myself thinking for a while.Being in Trivandrum for more than 20 years,I used to visit only certain usual places like Shangumukham,Museum,Zoo,Kanakakunnu etc.At that moment I have decided I will ponder something about this so that next time somebody asks me tourist spots in Trivandrum I can come up with a variety of places.And that is the motivational factor behind this post :)

So let me present you some interesting places as well as some already famous places to visit once you are in Trivandrum categorically.We will start with some of the finest beaches/lakes/waterfalls/dams in this post
  1. Kovalam Beach
    • 16 km from Trivandrum City
    • 3 beaches Lighthouse,Hawah,Samudra seperated by rocks
    • Resorts,Shopping area,Yoga.
  2. Shankumukham Beach
    • 8Km from Trivandrum City
    • Near to Trivandrum International Airport
    • Skating school,indoor sports complex
    • "Jalakanyaka" sculpture By Kanayi Kunjiraman
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Traffic Park for Children
  3. Azhimala Beach
    • A quiet beach around 20 km from City
    • Speciality : Ayurvedic Resorts
  4. Meenmutti and Kombaikani water falls
    • 45 Km and 47 Km from Trivandrum city respectively
    • Located near to Neyyar resorvoir
    • No transportation towards waterfall after reaching there
    • Only Trekking 
    • Kombaikani: 2 km upstream of Meenmutti 
  5. Neyyar Dam
    • 29Km from Trivandrum City
    • Boating,Mountainerring facilities
    • Lion Safari Park,Crocodile Rearing Centre
  6. Aruvikkara Dam
    • 16 Km from Trivandrum Central
    • This resorvoir supplies water to Trivandrum City
  7. Veli Lake
    • 11 Km from Trivandrum city
    • Tourist village,Boat club etc
  8. Akkulam Lake :
    •  10 Km from Trivandrum City Central
    • Picnic and Backwater destination
  9. Varkala Beach
    • Pilgrim centre situated 41km from Trivandrum city
    • Cliffs,mineral water springs at Papanasham beach are tourist attractions 

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